May 13th, 2002

primary butterflies

Back at work

... and I'm hiding out in my ex-boss' office in the attempt to actually get something done today.

The list, in priority order (mostly for my benefit):

  • clear out email (at least until Feb 21st, which is where my last cleaning spree left me)

  • check and return voicemail which has piled up for over a week (oops -- I hate voicemail)

  • Get GTSS review updates to GS (swindon and chg mgmt)

  • IL93 rearch proj mgmt (confirm mtg time tomorrow, upload mtg notes, set weekly meetings)

  • Harvard move to IL93 planning (make proj folder; work on PID, issue log)

  • F: Mike P - foundry arch questions

  • F: Rick N - VitalNet server

  • Current Music
    Leona Naess - Serenade