May 9th, 2002

primary butterflies

training is over! hooray!

It was interesting, but a bit mind numbing. Thank all of you who entertained me during this time of numbedness.

And now, the list of journal entries I pondered writing, but didn't have the time:

  • how I have discovered I have an addictive personality, but not to your usual vices

  • the fun that is getting to class at this ungodly hour of the crack of 8 am

  • I am in love! Her name is Caitlyn, and she's 7 months old. Also, in the last week, I seem to have been doing a lot of really looking at myself and loving myself -- for both my flaws and my strengths

  • I am intrigued by a guy who went into a monastery. He's out now, of course.

  • The ebb and flow of everything in my life: friends, hobbies, motivation

  • my big pet peeve: automatic toilet flushers. hate them so very very much

  • getting to see B, if we can ever get the planets to align

  • the oddity of the people I work with

  • "Switch hands!"

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