April 30th, 2002

primary butterflies

On hangovers..

I don't get hangovers from alcohol. I do think, however, I get hangovers from too much fun. Really.

The list of last night's fun:

  • cooking "class" at williams-sonoma on grilling -- I have some great recipes, and need to grill soon

  • drinks at the bowling alley with gopherbomb, his friend Christy, and the amusing bartender Cheryl

  • Bowling while rating the other rather interesting patrons (cough cough).

    • or in my case, not bowling really, but hurling the ball down the lane hoping for it to hit a few pins

  • driving to Bar Louie in Naperville

    • an amusement of fun on its own, truly

    • I was on the phone with my mother, who was giving me directions

    • I was getting turned around endlessly

    • Probably making Pat, who was behind me, think I was insane

    • Well, more insane than normal, anyway.

  • Drinks at Bar Louie with the spunky waitress

  • Getting an eeeeerily accurate palm reading from Christy

    • I mean, when she said 'you're great at giving advice but not taking your own advice' my eyes bugged out

  • Watching Pat also get an eeeerily accurate palm reading as well

    • freaky, man

  • Closing Bar Louie, and making the very tiring drive home with Poe playing as loud as possible.

but ooooh man I am so freaking tired. I have got to move these escapades to this thing we term the "weekend" where I don't have to be at work the next morning.
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