April 25th, 2002

primary butterflies

I am a woman of substance!

... it's just not including my brain today.

  • my neck hurts.

  • I'm going home soon to get some work from home done, while I put a compress on my neck

  • It's sort of that achy-slept-on-it-ache, but it's been like that for a week an a half

  • I have so much to do now at work and need to get my thoughts all in order and a list made.

  • Plus my house needs organization

  • I think I'm going to spend Saturday at work getting everything organized, and filed, and all that stuff.

  • Maybe I need to take a day off work to do the same thing here.

  • Of course, that's kind of why I'm going home.

  • Sushi for lunch is all sorts of yummy.

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