April 13th, 2002

primary butterflies


Chasing another drunk friend around who hops in a cab to go home.
Trying frantically to get directions to my ride home to pick me up, as he had walked ahead to get the car for drunk friend and I before drunk friend hopped in car.
Trying to find way to expressway from said friend’s apartment.
Wanting to cry cry cry out of frustration but cannot, because I have to be reasonable friend for drunk friend, and apologetic friend for friend driving me home.
S (the former CB) is a beautiful wonderful person.
I want to marry him right now.
I will not want to marry him tomorrow, so no worries. I don't live in Vegas after all.
So tired.
Sleeping now.

... except for that, a good night. For those of you looking for a good drink: Stoli strawberry or Stoli raspberry and sour. yum.

ugh. night.
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primary butterflies

I think I bought everything but the kitchen sink, and a dog.

  • I didn't intend on going shopping for most of the day, for reals.

  • I figured I would go out, stop at the animal shelter, go pick up some things at target, and get oberweis ice cream on the way home.

    • Two out of 3 isn't bad.

  • I didn't go buy a dog. I didn't even go to the animal shelter, for I have decided that I have to have a clean house before I get another critter.

    • This means it could be a long while before I get a dog.

  • I found out, though, that when I started shopping, I looked at my list of 'errands' and had a lot more that I needed to do.

  • In six hours I managed to:

  • Buy:

    • A new clock radio that can adjust by hours and minutes instead of 'forward' and 'reverse' and 'insanely fast forward'

      • do you realize just how few clocks have that feature these days? I mean, really. Some of us are not so with it on the 'stopping at the right minute' alarm clock setting skills.

      • it also has the coolest feature: a nap button you can set for up to two hours, and it'll wake you up.

      • No more of the needing to do math to set the alarm. This rocks my socks off.

    • A new cordless phone with caller ID for upstairs bedroom

    • adjustable shower curtain for the sliding door off the bedroom, as it's slightly tilted and lets the outside air in.

      • this is not good in winter, nor the heat of summer.

    • Stoli Rasberri vodka

      • So, a serious question -- is there a difference between stoli vodka and smirnoff, other than 8 bucks?

    • Sour mix

    • Vanilla rum

      • though they no longer sell the kind I really like

      • booooo

    • food, litter and pounce for the cats

      • and catnip bubbles, which they are so not getting the idea with

    • cereal

    • carnation instant breakfast

    • 3 bottles of sugar free raspberry torani syrup from cost plus

      • I only wanted 2, really, but the guy rang me up for three.
      • He was nice, and cute, so instead of going through the hassle of a refund, I just picked up a third.
      • I mean, I drink enough mocha in the morning that I'll use it eventually, right?

    • otis spunkmeyer muffins

    • a bath pillow you can fill with air or warm/cool water

    • Oberweis chocolate peanut butter ice cream

  • Looked at:

    • a gazillion stores for a filing cabinet, which I will probably buy from office max

    • patio furniture

    • new bedroom linen sets

      • can we say expensive?

      • I knew you could.

    • several stores to find a mini-carabineer

      • I have a large one for my keys now, but when driving, the house keys bang on my knee.

      • this is not so much a problem in winter, when I wear jeans.

      • but in the summer, with shorts? Ugh, Something Must Be Done.

    • I think now, I am going to attack my bathroom, and clean it to a shine.

      • Has someone replaced your regular maigrey with folders crystals?

      • Stay tuned.

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