April 12th, 2002

primary butterflies


I cannot believe I just spent two hours looking for and cropping icons.

I place the blame fully on apasionado and jezurelle because I was inspired by all their fantabulous icons.

... maybe next time I should just coninquire if they'd like to make 'em for me.

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    good thing I'm not working tomorrow.
primary butterflies

Ahh, a day off.

So, after an hour of working from home, going through my email and dealing with a few things, I'm ready to take my day off.

Can you believe I fully intend on spending it cleaning my house from the top to the bottom? The house really needs it, as I've been too busy to spend any time at home, or when I have been at home, I lack the energy to do any cleaning.

But first I need to get off the treadmill (which I'm on right now, thanks to the wonders of wireless networking).
And then I will need a mocha and breakfast.
And then I will start cleaning.
primary butterflies

The List o' things to get done today

Starting with the top of the house:

  • bring all cleaning elements upstairs, incl. vacuum

  • bring all my moving boxes full of books downstairs

  • go through closets and drawers; all clothes I haven't worn in 1 year get donated to cancer foundation

  • clean bathroom

  • dust -- and I mean every surface

  • 1:30 pm, take cat to vet for blood draw

  • 3:30 pm shower, get ready to go downtown.

  • buy shower curtain rod or dowel for sliding doors
  • someday/maybe: get new sliding doors off bedroom
  • buy non-crappy caller ID box for upstaris bedroom
  • measure walls in bedroom to get dimensions for new bedroom set
  • vacuum upstairs
  • hang pictures in guest bedroom
  • go through drawers in guest bedroom & organize
  • flip mattresses

... more to come