March 5th, 2002

primary butterflies

24 hour goals

Man, I hate morning meetings.
And I hate traffic that makes me late for morning meetings.

However, I do find much irony and amusement in the fact that I finished my Foundry presentation while Cisco was (well, is, as it's still going on) giving their presentation on VoIP.

Anyway, here are today's 24 hour goals:

  • Finish and email pencek presentation

  • Pay bills

  • Do weekly planning

  • Make hair appointment for me, manicure/etc for mom

and yes, I know some of these are repeats, but I spent more time than I thought at the movies with my mom.
primary butterflies

Night with mom

I went out with my mom last night, and had a pretty good time.

I'm eating a LOT at stir crazy, and they're starting to not blink when I say I want the veggie stir fry without rice or noodles. The cooks still ask if I want sauce on the veggies and shrug when I say no.

We went to see Amelie and Gosford Park; we were going to see In the Bedroom, but we saw that Gosford Park was starting in about 5 minutes and we, being women, changed our mind. I think we would have been better off with our original choice, or if I had given into my desire to go home and sleep.

I adored Amelie, though. What a lovely movie, and I didn't notice the subtitles much at all.

I don't understand how Gosford Park got nominated for an Oscar, though. I liked it, but it was long, and a bit odd.