February 28th, 2002

primary butterflies

24 hour goals

  • do laundry

  • check voicemail (which is a horrid chore)

  • Call Jeanne Metz re: SAR/MOU

  • read chapter in mere Christianity

  • write in journal

primary butterflies

Delivery, please...

Most of my friends are off having sushi or Chinese food. Oh, how I'd love to have sushi or Chinese food right now.

Or, more than that, a Jimmy John's sandwich. #12 on wheat, easy mayo, none of that gross avocado stuff, and no cucumbers. I could even eat one and a half of those today.

I'm not craving ice cream, or even chocolate so much really, though this snickers bite-sized candy is screaming my name.

I miss bread. I could write an ode to bread right now. Corn bread, wheat bread, those faithful dinner rolls.

But, hey, it's Lent, and it's only 3 more (or so) weeks.

And I got paid today!
And I have fixed replacement pagers that I should get tomorrow!
And someone is going to take all the excess cabinets I have in my storeroom!

So, I'm doing okay.