February 20th, 2002


He tasks me, this one...

So, for the third day in a row I have been troubleshooting stuff at a site that isn't mine. I had to leave my small group on Sunday, after I just got there, to head an hour north to Libertyville to work on resolving a network issue (spanning tree for those geeks out there). We finally left at 12:30 am, meaning I got home about 1:30, and in bed about 2.

I got into work a little late, because I was working on my 24 hour goals in the morning. I got in about 9:30. At about 10, my boss called and said they were having still more problems in Libertyville and would Samantha and I get in the car and drive the half hour to get up there? So we did. Samantha and I had diagnosed the problem in the car, but it took us 1.5 hours once we got there to do the political maneuvering to get people to look at it. ugh.

We finally left there at 4 pm, meaning everything I wanted to do during the day at work was pretty much shot; I went straight home.

Yesterday, I was on conference calls from 8 am until 4 pm -- including the post mortem for the outages sunday and monday. Plus I had to do salary planning. Lovely. Fun. Thrilling. We do not have enough money to go around and there are policies out that will make things even more fun when April rolls around.

Of course, guess what we find out at 4 pm? You got it, more problems at Libertyville. I spend 4 hours diagnosing this as well. Turns out someone installed the wrong fiber in one portion, and you have to have the same type all the way through, or it doesn't work!

Anyway, I'm now going to vacuum my family room, and then head into work.

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primary butterflies

24 hour goals

One that I didn't get done was dealing with the 5th floor of DP, but my poor meetings and troubleshooting got in the way of that. I did just finish vacuuming, though.

Today's goals:

  • get revised jumper sheets to Mike, including 5th floor
  • Call foundry re: eval models
  • call dad about his computer problem
primary butterflies

Question for those geeks out there:

Anyone ever had this problem, and can give me advice as to what's wrong with dad's computer? Or, do you have friends or hubbies that can give me advice?

email from dad:

For some time I had
noticed some noise when the computer powered up, but then
it would quiet down. I thought one of the fans must be
starting to have a bearing problem. Yesterday, there was
a noise that didn't quiet down. I opened up the case and
discovered the CPU cooler fan was making noise. Since the
power supply fan was also making the noise at start up, I
decided to replace both. I went to Fry's and found replacements,
although it was a little tricky finding one for the power
supply fan, since it only used two fat pins and the modern ones
use three small pins. The fans seem to be working fine now,
but after I have had the computer on for awhile, I start to get
a static-kind of noise from my speakers. I can keep working
by turning the volume down to zero, but the only way to fix
the problem is to power down the computer for awhile. The last
time it happened it sounded like the noise happened in the
right speaker before it started in the left. It appears that
something is heating up and causing the problem. Have you
ever heard of something like this before? It has happened to
me before, but it was very infrequent and didn't happen again
after you powered down. Now it seems like it eventually happens
every time I turn the computer on, although it may take a couple
of hours.

If you have any ideas as to what this could be, it'd be appreciated. I've never run into this problem. He does have an old sound card, though...
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