February 18th, 2002

primary butterflies

24 hr goals

  • clean bathrooms

  • vacuum living room

  • swiffer & mop wood floors

  • get DP plan set up and approved

(I still have to clean the kitchen and do my weekly planning from yesterday, but I have until 2:30 to do that. If I wasn't working until 1:30 last night, I'd have had it done.)
primary butterflies

24 hour goals

Okay, so I only got the living room vacuumed, but instead of staying up to clean the bathrooms and swiffer the floors, I'm going to curl up and go to sleep.

But, I did get my weekly planning done, which I was supposed to have done by 2:30, but only finished about 9:30. Of course, I would have had it done by 2:30, if I wasn't asked at 10 to haul up to Libertyville and troubleshoot their networking problems all day. Ah well. Tomorrow is a new day, right?