February 16th, 2002

primary butterflies

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I just finished reading The girls guide to hunting and fishing by Melissa Bank. It wasn't quite what I expected, but it was pretty good.

Plus, I got a valentine's day card yesterday from the lovely Corie (apasionado)! Thank you, sweetie!

I skipped out on the pottery studio this morning, being tired and stuffy headed. I did shower and that usually helps me to be productive, but I haven't been. I've been catching up on the tivo, and finishing the above book, and I'm going to take a nap. I've had a lot of trouble getting motivated to do anything; perhaps it's because work just saps me.

So, I'm resurrecting my 24 hour goals. In the next 24 hours I will:

  • finish taking down the Christmas decorations

  • do laundry

  • make a grocery list and go shopping

  • get on the treadmill for 30 min

how've you been?

Oh, and if you find my missing motivation, send it my way, eh?