January 31st, 2002

primary butterflies

snow, snow, snow.

We got about 9 inches dumped on us, and everything looks very pretty.

I had an 8 am conference call, and a 9 am meeting this morning, so I attempted to get to work at 8:15 by leaving at 7:45. You can stop laughing now, really. Seeing as I was running late, I figured I could get out of my driveway without shoveling it.

Now you can laugh.

I got all the way to very end of the driveway, where the plows dumped the snow from the street, and skreeee. I ground to a halt. My very kind neighbor spent 20 minutes with me, shoveling out my car, and I headed out at 8:10 -- it's a good thing my cell has speaker phone, so I listened to the call on the way in, and was very early for my 9 am meeting.

Hopefully the plows will have gotten my driveway by the time I get home.