January 15th, 2002

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A story about deer and your vegetables

It was in junior high english, when we were reading essays on hunting: one pro-hunting, and one anti-hunting. Though I don't remember how, the argument against hunting must have quite moved me, for when I read the line in the essay advocating hunting that stated: "If you don't like hunting, don't eat meat," I remember quite clearly the thought in my head that retorted, "Fine, I won't." ... "Well, except for the occasional McChicken, because I can't give those up entirely."

I went home that day and told my parents I was no longer going to eat meat, and my reasoning behind it. My mother put her foot down and insisted I at least eat turkey and chicken, otherwise she was not sure I was going to get a balanced diet; I accepted the compromise.

From that day on, I cannot remember having a craving for beef -- the one exception being the time an ex was cooking a savory steak and the marinated was excellent, and I can write that off to the marinade, not the beef. Plus, my family started eating healthier, cutting the red meat practically out of the dinner diet even before it was widely publicized. This brought no end of complaints from my sister, who liked beef, which she didn't get much of after that, and hated fish, which made a much more regular appearance at the dinner table. And she and I ate a lot more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as my mother's (and then later my dad's, when he took over the cooking role) philosophy on meals, was "If you don't like what I cook, the PB & J is over there."

I just realized that day was 13 years ago. That's a long time to commit to anything.
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I made a chocolate martini. Verdict: very good, though I wish I had found white creme de cacao than the dark.

NB: when you don't have a shaker, those traveling mugs for coffee do very nicely.
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Oh, and.. [CB update]

CB (crush boy for those of you new to my friends list and possibly not in the know) comes back from Michigan tonight. I've missed him, and I'm pretty sure he's missed me as well. My pager has gone off more in the last two days than it has in the last couple weeks, I think, and they're all from him.

I was driving home from dinner with zen_raven I flipped through the AM dial, as it's a Tuesday and the Illini often play basketball on Tuesdays; I like college ball, especially the boys from my alma mater. But if you take my love of Illini hoops, and compare it to a tea cup, CB's is about the size of a 55 gallon drum. Plus -- they were playing our arch rival, Iowa.

Loving kind soul that I am, I page him saying "Hey! Steal the radio from [our boss, who you are driving home in a mini van from Michigan with] -- the Illini are playing Iowa!" He pages me back with an urgent tone, asking what station it's on and I tell him. He shoots back a page saying "Got it! It's a big game!"

Alright, me being the goofy girl that I am, send back a page (I know, I know, I'm a geek, but we have these for work, and we work together anyway), stating, "You forgot the 'thanks so much! you rock, woman!" To which I get, "Was gonna say that tomorrow. Thanks!"

Ah, if I only had patience. You'll see it's not listed as one of the maigrey virtues.
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Last update for the night...

I've got to go to court tomorrow; they found the hit and run driver, and the hearing is tomorrow. I waffle on the idea of going, but CB and other people insist that I go, and really, perhaps I should. Besides, this is one thing they feel much more strongly about than I do, one way or the other; sometimes it's in your best interests to just do what makes them happy in this case.

Only thing is that my boss' boss scheduled a performance meeting with CB, me, our boss, and the other two direct reports of our boss's boss so we could go over the reviews of our staffs, and I'll be in court then. I told CB if he wants me to go to court, he has to stick up for my staff :)

So, wish me luck at the court thing; I have no idea what it entails.