January 10th, 2002

primary butterflies


Is there such a thing as too much fun? If so, I definitely had that experience last night.

I'm going to work on catching up on the friends entries, then I'll post about my way-to-many-martini's night...
primary butterflies

Last night's antics -- the full story

This will probably be awfully long, and might contain things that are probably only funny if you were there, which you weren't, or I would have remembered you, so consider yourself forewarned

A couple days ago, my favorite vendor rep, A, gets a hold of tickets for the bulls game on Wed. While she's dropping off the tickets, she says that she wants to take us out to dinner beforehand, and did I have any preference at all? I didn't, but realized that CB loves this place called the Flattop Grill, and talks about it every time we're downtown. Since I haven't been, and A hadn't been, we decided on that; I was a hero and proved again to CB just how utterly cool I am.

Since the game started at 7:30, A suggested we start eating about 4:15, which means we'd leave from work about 3 pm, and she offered to drive CB and I.

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primary butterflies

maigreys on sleep depravation

... have a very very low tolerance for stupidity.

I was on the phone with CB and he was telling me how he and P were going to FH, and he was going to lug all the $60,000/ea Cisco gear up with him to Michigan in the back of a mini van, and I didn't lose it then. I almost did, and gave in to a huge audible sigh.

He said that they were worried about dealing with shipping, and what if something got lost or broken. Then, I lost it and said in my best I've-had-enough-of-this voice, and said, "[CB], what if you get in an accident? What then? You don't have insurance, you can't replace these." He wondered if [our company] would, and I said "Sure, but that's going to be by buying new ones! That's why shipping companies are insured, and that's why we have them ship all this stuff and we don't drive around all kingdom come with $150k of networking gear in a minivan!"

He acknowledged that I did have a point (duh) and was probably right (duh), and he'd look into it. Then he asked, "So do you think it would be a bad idea if P was gone on the same day his boss was gone and out of pager range?" I said "Uh, yes" (duh). And he went on about how P was so excited about the wiring and how his boss (my boss's boss if you've been following along), had said he could go, and I lost it again.

I never yelled, but I went on about how P is a manager, and that he should damn well stay in town and do his job. They do not both need to go up to Michigan; granted, one of them does, but not both of them. Plus, they're going two more times -- P can certainly go then. It was amusing to listen to CB and know that when he was saying "I see your point, and you're right (duh) and I'll convince P not to go", he was really thinking "Okay, this is obviously very important to her, and right now would be a good time to just do what the woman says, especially when she really does have a point."

It almost made me laugh. Until I got the page that said, "It looks like I can't convince P not to go."


And now, I'm going to have a long heart to heart conversation with the treadmill about the number of martinis I imbibed yesterday.
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