January 8th, 2002

primary butterflies

CB amusement

Background info:
My boss's boss (the one I get along with), pages me last night with "I found out who got the [job that boss's boss name was up for] job. You'll never guess who it is." Pages went back and forth, and I made some guesses, but he wasn't telling me who it was; just that I'd be very surprised when the announcement came out.

Of course, I page CB, my cohort in office politics gossip, to see who he thinks it might be. I had been mentioning that he should ask his old boss, who is now in the upper circles of management, and pump him for information. Somewhere along the lines of this conversation between CB saying he has a meeting with boss's boss in the morning and me saying that I'll need to come in before that, I say to CB, "You never get me gossip! I'm the one always giving you the information..."

Fast forward to this morning: I come in about 9, which means CB has been in the meeting for a half hour or so. Being the patient person that I am, I wait until 9:30 before I go over to talk with Boss's boss, because I want the info. Boss's boss goes on for a bit, and mentions that he already told CB. I get the information out of him anyway, and yes, I am surprised.

When we get back to our cubes, CB says to me:

"Dammit! I got gossip, and was going to get some food, and then come talk to you and give you the information, but you got the information anyway!"

He makes me laugh.
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primary butterflies

ah, ex relationships...

If you had an ex-boyfriend trolling you for a reaction, you would:

be amused
be flattered
be amazed and tell all your friends about it
not understand what chemicals are going through his brain to cause this behavior
make all your journal entries friends-only
not really care
make a poll about it for the humor value