January 6th, 2002

primary butterflies

it's too early

Do you know what the worst thing about a sore throat is?

I can't sing. I didn't realize just how much I do sing, until making the attempt caused my throat glands to swell into crab apple sized lumps under my chin. I found out I sing all the time: in the car along with the radio, around the house while cleaning, to my cds, it's pretty much a constant thing, and I miss it.

I bring this up because I'm off to choir practice, where I will sit and 'silently rehearse'; I'd normally just give in and not go, but we won't have much time to practice next week, since the bishop is coming early.

... and I need more sleep.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully!
primary butterflies

(no subject)

I am declaring myself in love with these bath bombs. I used the last of the ones tonight -- I love the way they sound.

Hey, sinnie: any clues on how to make these? I would make a million of them if I knew how, I think, for they are a wee bit on the expensive side.

* * *

I've gone on a wee bit of a friends-adding spree; I just need more to read, even though I'm lazy and don't update much.

* * *

I still haven't worked much on my mission statement or my goals for the year, and my paper journal is definitely calling me. But, I think i'm going to plan my day out tonight instead of tomorrow morning, so I can make it into work to have it out with my boss's boss (the cool one I like, more or less) about upgrading some equipment in our site.

* * *

Go me, I won a poker tournament today, and placed second in another. Of course, I've already spent my winnings, but at least it's entertainment for the sick girl.

* * *

Speaking of sick, I seem to be doing better. Hoorah!