January 4th, 2002

primary butterflies

Since I'm wearing the crankypants today...

(as I believe tyche is too happy to have claim on them anymore :) ), I thought I'd share:

Now we're going to talk about the one of the most unattractive table monsters of all time- the Crankypants. You can find a Crankypants anywhere but they especially like to come out for mealtime. The crankypants is the most annoying of the table monsters and he's also the monster that is the easiest to find. The crankypants is always grouchy. It talks like a baby and really hates smiles. No one ever told the crankypants the most important rule of dining. Remember please and thank you. A crankypants has a sour face and is a very fussy eater. It never says please or thank you and it's always grabbing at things or complaining in a little whiney voice. A crankypants will drive you crazy. Who would want to eat with a crankypants around? Not me, how about you? There's only one-way to make sure crankypants doesn't come to dinner. Can you guess? That's right. Remember to smile and say please and thank you. There's no room for Crankypants at the table if everybody acts all grown up and remembers please and thank you. Keep smiling too, a Crankypants hates smiles.

from http://www.canoe.ca/LifewiseWorkEtiquetteladies/0510_etiquette2-par.html

I'm also tempted to get this.
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