December 14th, 2001

primary butterflies

the evilness of pharmaceutical technologies

I took one of the generic vicodin last night, in the hopes it would kill the pain so I could sleep.


How is it possible that people get addicted to this stuff? I spent the night waking up every 3 or so hours, feeling nauseous and not being able to make the feeling go away, and it didn't do a great job on the neck anyway.

I think I'm sticking to Aleve and Tylenol from now on.

... maybe I should sell the vicodin, too. :)
primary butterflies


  • That my neck is feeling somewhat better

  • I got a Christmas card from CB (!)

  • That I have wonderful friends who will take me to the store because they can't have me 'stoned and craving ice cream' -- thanks zen_raven!

primary butterflies


The verdict is out: my body doesn't like vicodin one tiny bit.

I took a half of one per the 24 hour dial a nurse instructions (as that's what they used to do at the hospital), and it made me exhausted, yet too nauseous to sleep. Not fun.

So, this means that tomorrow I do the Aleve/Tylenol tag team, while trying to call and see if they can prescribe me something besides vicodin, and also calling into Walgreens to see if I have any more of the other pain killer/muscle relaxant available to me from when I wonked out my back.

Ooh, just called Walgreens, and have some disulphamide sodium thing, which is that pain killer thing (I hope) -- it's the only thing I had refills on, anyway. And I seem to recall the prescription I had a refill on was the analgesic.

I am utterly excited -- seriously!