December 6th, 2001

primary butterflies

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Dear Immune System,

I don't know if you got the memo, but the body has a lot of stuff planned for this weekend, and you were supposed to make sure we don't get sick. Please pay some attention to Sinuses and Throat, as they have been neglected and are preparing a coup. If you could go deal with Ache and Pain on top of that, that would be ideal.

You do want make sure we're a good hostess for our party and get to see the basketball and hockey game this weekend, correct?

primary butterflies

how many cookies is too many?

Thank heaven for kitchen aid mixers and the wonderful help of the amazing zen_raven!

We now have in the freezer, ready to be baked tomorrow at the get in the holiday spirit party:
2 batches of sugar cookies (40 cookies/batch)
1 batch candy cane cookies
1 batch marbled cookies
1 batch caramel filled chocolate cookies

Hoo wee! I am definitely giving a lot of these cookies away!
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