November 26th, 2001

primary butterflies

Three things

  • I have an LJ client that I can use at work (how cool is that?)

  • I have a CD-ripper/burner/player that I can use to rip cds at work

  • homemade chocolate chip bread spread with peanut butter

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primary butterflies

TV depravation, day five

Sunday was the hardest day of all to stay away from the TV. I must have almost given in and turn the TV on about 5 times, but I did resist.

I went to church, ended up getting paged a couple times during the service -- I was on call, so it was only mildly annoying, but part of the job. I headed home to fix the probelm right after church, and then had an incredible urge to watch TV. Instead, I curled up with a bit of Godiva chocolate hazelnut ice cream, and a book, which I ended up finishing and then about 2 pm, fell asleep, waking up at 5 pm; I guess I was more tired than I thought, but this also meant that, from experience, my sleep schedule was going to be screwed up, and I had work the next morning.

So, I got up, and chatted with zen_raven a bit, and planned on walking through the two or three back yards that separate us to help her install her hard drive and sound card about a hour and a half later, which gave me time to a) make a better loaf of chocolate chip bread where the chips didn't get all melty, b) make dinner and c)get some laundry and other planning type things done. I forgot about actually eating dinner, though, so I brought some over to the Ravie's house.

The install didn't go too well, and after 1.5 hours of futzing with it, and calling the ex-boyfriend-resident-computer-expert, we didn't have anywhere to go except to upgrade the bios. This requires a floppy drive (NB, asus's website get a 10 on the suck factor), which we didn't have, so the upgrade was postponed until tonight. At least the video card (somewhat) works...

When I got home at 9 pm, I turned the radio on to the bears game, though I was sorely tempted to turn the TV on again, and then finished more laundry, swiffered the floor, did some dishes, took the yummola chocolate chip bread out to cool, and then spend about two hours playing with the Music Match software I'd downloaded the other night, hoping to rip some CDs. I didn't, as I was having too much fun adding all my mp3s to my music library, and then re-tagging all my non-tagged mp3s. (I'm ripping them right now at work though, which is exceedingly cool that it can get through the proxy).

I don't remember quite what else I did, except listen to a certain LJ user's lovely voice on my computer, but I ended up falling asleep at 1:30 AM or so, making sure to set my alarm for 6:10.

I, of course, woke up at 8 AM, with no recollection of the alarm ever going off, and went into a mild 'it normally takes me an hour to get out the door, and I now have 30 min?' But I managed to get to work reasonably on time, which is good.
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