November 25th, 2001

primary butterflies

Resistance is futile?

... the call of the TV is getting worse and worse. I may give in today, because it is one of those cold, dreary days that just beg to be spent either curled in bed reading, or tucked into a comforter, watching the TV.

But, if I can just get through today, the rest should be a piece of cake -- the weekends are the hardest.
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primary butterflies

Notes to myself

  • No matter how hot the bread is, or how tired you are, never let the bread set out all night. It gets crusty and icky.

  • Morpheus is really rocking and cool

  • Do not decide to give up TV a couple days before you get sick. On the other hand, you'll get a lot more sleep

  • Being on call is not so bad. Getting paged for being on call in the middle of church when you haven't sung the anthem you're supposed to sing in, is a bit difficult

  • Must remember to get addresses for holiday cards

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    bears pregame, on the radio
primary butterflies

TV depravation, day four (Saturday)

Okay, I'm pretty positive that avoiding TV is not making me more productive. It is, however, making me find ways to be non-productive in more creative ways.

I also think I'm getting sick, or fighting off something, which made my choice of TV sacrifice stellar, really.</sarcasm>

So, yesterday, I slept in until about noon -- it's going to be a bear getting up at 6 tomorrow, let me tell you. But, I got up, got the bills paid, managed to get my register to reconcile through the beautiousness of Quicken, actually made it to the grocery store for some eggs and milk, and then used the eggs and milk to make muffins and chocolate chip bread. The bread ended up being more like chocolate bread, since the chips got all heated up and gooey, but it was still good. It probably would have been better if I didn't let it sit out all night, too -- I may have to make another batch tonight. After putting all the dishes in the dishwasher (the sink seems to have filled up again, alas), Raven snagged me, and we decided to make a run to Linens and Things, and perhaps Bed Bath and Beyond on the elusive search for The Perfect Valances. I found some, but, of course they were out of stock.

As is usual, Raven always finds more of what she wants than I do on these trips, so she found the bedroom curtains she wanted, which are these gorgeous thick blue velvet ones. I'm going to need to go somewhere like Sears or such to find some blinds for the balcony door, and maybe check out the Linens and things near work as well.

Do you know that those scarf valances are seriously expensive? I kid you not, they range from $40 - $100 per scarf! Yow!

In any case, I picked up a few things, and then found the wonder that is Morpheus (thanks cynica and jezaurelle!), and proceeded to stay up until 11:30 downloading all sorts of songs, and some software to rip my entire CD collection onto MP3 (again -- the first copy I had didn't work terribly well and I need to redo it all), and then burn it to Mix CDs. Whee!