October 24th, 2001

primary butterflies

I have decided!

I've been wanting a new car for a long time, but I've been waffling between what I want go get. I love the look of the Audis, but CB has been talking about his maxima, and it's a very fine car too.

He was complaining over the past month that the 2002 Nissan Maxima has 65 hp more than his 1999 model. So, of course, I had to start teasing him that if I bought the 2002 Maxima, he would be so jealous and I could taunt him with beating him off the line.

Then we did some research -- it's got a 6 speed engine. Drool. And the price? Incredible. I was spec-ing out the Audis and other cars -- I think the cheapest I saw was $38k. The Maxima, all decked out with leather and heated seats? $30k. Wow.

I convinced CB to go test driving with me, not that this was a difficult task. I brought him along to a) be the car guy and ask the techie questions, b) keep the salesmen from thinking of me as an easy mark, and of course I was not unaware of the whole alone time factor. I am so sneaky.

The plan was to go to the Lexus and then the Nissan dealer, so we could check out the Lexus IS300 we'd seen at lunch that was sporty-cute. However, we made a wrong turn, and ended up going to the Nissan dealer. After that, it was pretty much pointless to go to the Lexus dealer, because I fell in love with the car. I also turned the salesman a little white-faced while I was testing out the 255 hp engine and handling, which I was pleased with.

I get to make CB even more irked, as I'm going to get the dark grey color, which he wanted for his car, but it wasn't offered. Hee.

We then went to the Lexus dealer, and as we got out of CB's car to go inside, I realized that the Nissan guy still had my driver's license; how was I going to test drive the Lexus? They let us drive it with CB's ticket, though, and we then drove the Lexus down the street to the Nissan dealer to get my license, which I found incredibly amusing.

... now I just have to find some way to save money for the next 6 months to put a down payment on the car. sigh!
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