October 19th, 2001

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I want a car

So, with the raise and the promotion I got, I'm seriously thinking about getting a new car -- espeically with all the 0% financing deals around.

My Saturn SL has served me well, but I'd like something with a bit more pick-up, along with a sunroof, leather seats, power doors / locks, keyless entry, and it has to look neat. 4 doors is a must, 4 wheel drive would be nice as well.

I'm leaning towards the Audis, because I don't see too many of them, and they're nice cars. But, I'm taking suggestions.

Poll #7486 maigrey wants a car

What kind of car should the maigrey purchase?

Audi s4 avant
Subaru Forrester
BMW 328
Mazda 626
Nissan Maxima
Audi A6 wagon
Audi Allroad quattro

I have another suggestion and it is:

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