October 17th, 2001

primary butterflies


Fell asleep at 9:30 pm, which is why I'm up now. (cider: I didn't hear my pager go off, which is why you didn't hear from me...)

I've got a really long meeting tomorrow -- well this morning, really, about the network issues that went on last weekend at the up north site. They were down for 30-odd hours, and I can't believe no one listened to my advice, especially when they called me in at 2 pm on Saturday. If you're going to do that, you could at least do me the courtesy of taking my advice, you know?

So, at least I won't be raked over the coals, I think, as I hauled my butt in there (along with CB's) on Sunday to deal with this stuff.

Ever been yawning but just not quite tired? Mmph -- I need to go back to sleep.
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primary butterflies

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Things I'm grateful for:

  • heated mattress pads

  • bubble baths

  • my sister

  • the healing powers of a large pitcher of wine split between family

  • my basement kitty

  • owning a washer dryer

That should make up for:

  • waking up when it is dark out (can't they move daylight savings in the 1st week of October instead of the last?)

  • the fact that if you screw up the tendon on the top of your left foot, it really hurts to drive a stick-shift car ("Can I just drive to work in second gear? Using the clutch is killer")

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