October 6th, 2001

primary butterflies

Finally, a free moment to myself...

It's been an incredibly busy week -- I guess that's what happens when you're the only one in the office for a week.

Last night we went out to see Don't say a word and Serendipity, which were both good movies. CB showed up at the second movie -- Serendipity, which was totally cool (and he had on this totally gorgeous leather jacket that was droolworthy).

I wish I was more of a conversationalist; small talk is really very hard for me. I'm envious of those people who can strike up a conversation with just anyone and keep going. R was like that, and CB is the same way. I find it just easier to be quiet and keep my strange thoughts in my head. Any suggestions?
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primary butterflies

You know you're old when...

... you just can't manage to stay up until 1 am and then get up five and a half hours later for almost a week.

I've the only reason I've been functional this weekend is because of the lovely modern invention called caffeine. And, while I "slept in" [1] today, I'm still running full steam ahead until maybe Monday night.

Tuesday night was all my fault, really. I left Beer Tuesday at 9 PM with the best of intentions, but managed to stay up until 12:30 am analyzing the list with almost everyone who would listen, and getting difference pieces of advice from everyone. Tie said I should just ask him out for a drink if we ended up walking out from work together again. Then I talked to Pete and he said that I should do what I'm comfortable with , and do you move into a house while it's being built, or do you wait for a good foundation to be built before you move in? I told him dating wasn't exactly house buying, but I did end up asking CB to the movies with the boys and I.

Wednesday night was the Magic:the Gathering booster draft, where I showed my skills at being a really bad loser. I had a good deck, beat or drew the first three people I played, and then lost to the next two. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the last game I played determined if I tied for first or if I didn't place at all, and to add to that, we had everyone watching us play and also kibitzing as to every play we move, and I hate that. So I got grumpy and bitter and cranky, endearing me to everyone there.

Thursday night I actually left work early, as I had the house appraiser to meet for the refinancing. I ended up leaving an hour later than I wanted to, thanks to an emergency deal at work. It was cute, though, CB was there that week, and was shooing me out the door. The appraisal went fine, and I figured I'd clear some things off my TiVo while I had the chance. This was a bad idea -- I ended up getting sucked into the season premiere of Buffy, and ended up with no time to nap, as I needed to go to buy a wedding outfit for, well, today. So I met zen_ravenat the mall, and ended up with a nice black skirt, a shiny red top, as well as two pairs of pants, a pair of jeans, the perfect white shirt, and two sweaters. Mmm, sometimes I love shopping!

Then Friday was the movies, and today I've got the wedding to go to -- in fact, I'd better start getting ready now, or I'm not going to be ready by the time R gets here.

Tomorrow, I need to go into work to meet CB to recover the password on the switch, as well, which means I'll probably be missing parts of the Bears game.

Whew! With all the work on my hands, I'm not sure I can handle all this social life.

[1] I really woke up at 9:40, which means I got up almost 3 hours later than usual, but I don't think it's really sleeping in unless you break the 10:30 mark
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