September 28th, 2001

primary butterflies

hello darkness my old friend....

First, a very happy birthday to bene. Have an enjoyable birthday,
dearie, and hopefully you're seeing poi dog tonight.

Many many interesting things going on today at work. I got called into an
emergency meeting that was just me, my boss to be, and his boss to be (the
cool one I like). Turns out I still report into the neat guy, though some
of my staff is going to report into the guy we're not thrilled about.

I also had lunch with CB today, along with other folks, and ended up getting
invited to his house for a party in a couple weeks, after I said "So when
are we going to see this house you keep talking about anyway?".
turns out he's having a cut-the-tree-down party, woo hoo. I'm liking my
new Screw-you-I'm-married-to-Kenneth outlook on life!

Now it's back to work work work, because funding got cut and we need to
scrounge up some hardware for the site.
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