September 26th, 2001

primary butterflies

I wish I had something interesting to say...

but I don't think I do. Yet, I feel this need to update.

I've been perusing friends of friends in the effort to find more people to read; I adore the folks on my friends list, but either they don't update enough or I'm getting more addicted! I'm thinking it's the latter, as everyone has such lovely stories to tell.

The tivo came in yesterday. We'll know tonight if it finally indexed everything after I gave it a 'local' number to dial this morning.

Work is interesting. I talked to the Boss-to-Be (b2b), and he stated that he finally picked the two people who will report to him, of which I am not one, as the two people have been notified. I suppose that makes the b2b the boss's boss-to-be (b-b2b). Only problem is, while I really like and get along with b-b2b, I don't exactly appreciate the b2b's management style, which is kind of non-existant.

I'm going to just ride it out though, and see what happens, and that's okay.
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primary butterflies

Oh dear! I'm being stalked!

The executive summary of my evening:

  • walked on treadmill (good)

  • had urge to go to grocery store to buy disposable cups with lids (kinda weird)

  • figured while I was going out I should drop off J's wheat thins that have been sitting in my trunk for forever (how nice of me)

  • ended up going with J to the grocery store so we could buy him a flame-making utensil that wouldn't kill us while we attempted to light his pilot light (not dying in gas explosion, good)

  • taught J how to light his furnace pilot light, for which he was very thankful (very good, considering I've never lit a furnace pilot light before)

  • got stalked by a cider on ICQ (excellent -- three hallmark moments!)

  • ate chicken fried carrots -- which look remarkably like baby carrots with dip (not bad -- it could have been chicken fried friend instead!)

  • got chatted up by the adorable spooble as well (wonderful as usual!)

  • was stunned and amazed that the Replacement TiVo seems to actually WORK! (fuuuuuuuuuuck I said that too early -- the RT's sound is totally hosed, guess we'll be sending that back in again)

All in all, a very fine evening. And now, I should attempt to be productive before crashing to sleep.

Ob Side Note: da hell? Is that Ben Affleck on Crossing Jordan?

update: No, that was just Kyle Secor, who is fine in his own right, though fooey, he's not a regular.
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primary butterflies

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Three things I'm grateful for today:

  • pleasant surprises like cider

  • the fact that I have a car and can drive around in it

  • the fact that I have coworkers that can make me laugh