September 24th, 2001

primary butterflies

Is that your final answer?

A good book eeked out a win over a massage, 6-5, while jeans that fit perfectly emerged victorious over ice cream with a score of 7-4.

So here's your final question: a good book, or perfectly fitting jeans...

Poll #5451 maigsy poll #3: Finals

Which one would you prefer?

a good book
jeans that fit perfectly
primary butterflies

weekend update

I haven't felt like writing much lately, although there are many things rolling around in my brain. so here's the weekend in review:

Friday: Saw O after work, and really enjoyed it. Josh Hartnett was an extremely good Hugo (Iago), and Mekhi Phifer was just amazing as Odin (Othello). For those who worried about the Julia Stiles influence, she's barely there, really.

Saturday: Went grocery shopping, where I purchased some Luna bars. They're pretty good -- I'm eating a toasted nuts and cranberry one now, which is a soy loaded granola bar, in essence. They're not quite filling enough for an entire breakfast or lunch, though.

Slept a lot.

Went out with Raven to this Television Preview thing, where we saw a pilot for something called Soulmates based off of the Kenneth Brannagh film Dead Again (one of my favorites!) and a Valerie Harper showcase called City. My guess is we'll see City next year, though I didn't really like it at all -- the rest of the audience did. They didn't much like soulmates, so I don't respect their opinion anymore anyway.

Sunday: Went to church, went home, watched too much sports which put me to sleep.

I did watch The Hunt for Red October last night, and was reminded just how good that movie was, though I must say I prefer the Harrison Ford Jack Ryan over the Alec Baldwin one.

How was your weekend?
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    the key lime luna bar is pretty close to heaven in a soy nut bar
primary butterflies

my hero for the day ...

... is cider because of her little letters.

Especially this one:

Dear Maigrey's Missing Motivation,
Yes, I do recall you! Katherine's Motivation sent you an invitation last week to go to the Bahamas and drink tropical concoctions out of coconuts with big obnoxious straws and you were the first to RSVP! I take it you're still on vacation? Well, just so you know, you're missed. Please send Maigrey a postcard so she knows you still care.
By the way, dig the Hawaiian shirt,

hee. It's still making me laugh, even through the headache.
primary butterflies

Dawn?! (survey link from skeets)

Well, according to this, I match most with Dawn in the buffy character match. Ugh.

At least I had willow second. The full score:
# 1 Dawn
# 2 Willow
# 3 Xander
# 4 Buffy
# 5 Tara
# 6 Giles
# 7 Cordelia
# 8 Faith
# 9 Oz
# 10 Angelus
# 11 Anya
# 12 Spike
# 13 Angel
# 14 Dru