September 2nd, 2001

primary butterflies

well, hello there

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend so far; I lounged around yesterday, which was nice. I did at least get the dishes done, so I rationalize my relaxing using that bit of productivity.

Today, I was up in time for church, and went to talk to the organist / choir master about joining the choir starting next week; he was pleased about that, so I guess I'll be getting up even earlier on Sundays, which is okay, it's something I want to do.

On the way home, I figured I'd stop into Ulta and see if I could get my eyebrows done, but the next free appointment they had was an hour later. She asked, "do you want to stay around?" Um, no, thanks, I have better things to do. So, I ran a couple errands and headed home (let me just say, I can spend way too much money at Target).

I feel better for making a list of things I needed to do today; of the 5 I had down, I've gotten all but one done but that's because I'm waiting for the blankets to dry in the laundry.
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primary butterflies

On Random Strangers...

Twice this week, a person I didn't know from Adam came up and initiated a conversation with me, which got me thinking: "what motivates people to do just strike up a conversation?"

(and I'm not talking about starting a conversation with a compliment, that I understand.)

Is there a reason these random strangers come and begin to chat with us, or is it just the oddities of the universe?
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