August 24th, 2001

primary butterflies

Yes, I'm alive

... just quite busy with work.

It's both good and bad; I've been put in charge of a pretty large project, although the result of the project are that many people are going to be upset by the fact that they're going to get charged.

So I've been gathering data and people and organizing on that, and in the process managed to piss off a twerp of a facilities guy; maybe I'll go into that later.

I think most of my job has become sitting in meetings or sitting on conference calls; I haven't had a real lunch for a long time -- I'm always grabbing something from the cafeteria or from the vending machine, neither of which are very nutritious.

And then, I get a slew of pages last night from my soon-to-be-boss: the project will probably be cancelled because the charges have gone through, we just work with folks that are a few fries short of a happy meal.

Bright side, though: I'm going to a Bare Naked Ladies concert tonight with zen_raven and RW.

Dark side: My parents are coming in sometime during the day today and taking over again.

Silver lining: Maybe they'll be at home when the UPS guy comes to deliver my tivo...
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