August 22nd, 2001

primary butterflies

Mail Call!

majorweather, I got your postcard today! You are so fabulously wonderful and most definitely we shall meet up in Chicago should you get out this way!

I've got plenty more stories to tell, and since I'm going to be on a conference call from 11 am to 2 pm (bye bye lunch), I should have plenty to write.

I am, however, going to hunt down the elusive brunch. I'm the brunch hunter, babyyyy.
primary butterflies

I'm an orange, thanks to majorweather

My color profile:
(needs explorer to run)

I'm a red personality with a strong secondary color of yellow.

This is what it says about red-yellows:

If you're a Red-Yellow, you are a natural leader and find yourself in a comfortable blend. The Red dynamically directs your life, while the Yellow charismatically invites others to enjoy your friendship.

I told my friend J that, who said: "Sounds fairly accurate :)"

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