August 18th, 2001

primary butterflies

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My awesomely cool new network princess icon is thanks to the amazingly talented zarobi. You are the best, J!

On another note, my TiVo did come in today. Of course, as it always happens, the package requires an in person signature. This means that I, of course, cannot get my TiVo fix until Monday, when I pick it up at the UPS place; it's near work, so that's one bonus.

We saw Rat Race last night which was funny enough to make me cough from laughing. After the movie, 6 of the 7 of us all came back to my house and had a good time playing the new edition of Chez Geek.

After they left, I trekked over to the house of zen_raven to get a quick TiVo fix at 12 am. Then, I got to sleep in my own bed again, which was lovely.

And today, I shall lounge around the house for a bit, and it will be good.