August 9th, 2001

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On irony

I'd started writing this entry out yesterday, but I was interrupted by Code Red and the Never Ending Conference Call. zen_raven described my situation yesterday as "[Maigrey]'s the Network Princess in Code Red Land."

So, now things are a bit more settled, and I have a chance to update while on the Never Ending Conference Call, the sequel.

So, rolling things back to 1 PM Tuesday, I'd packed up my computer about 1:17 PM to head home and get some sleep after the fun I'd had with the power outage. I get home, and fall into blissful sleep. For about an hour, as I have to get up for the 4 PM conference call.

So I log in, and check my work email, and find that my 4 PM conference call was moved until Thursday. The message with this news was time stamped at 1:20 PM. Bah.

By that time I couldn't fall back asleep, so I went to the grocery store, grabbed some cough drops and hard candies to keep from hacking up a lung. The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful, except for the crazy ending to the Cubs game that night.

At about 8:30 AM yesterday, I get the 911 page to call some guy about the network being down; I'm on the duty pager this week, so I get to field these things. I was heading out to the corporate site for a four hour meeting on metrics or quality or some such thing, so I asked S if she could deal with it. Turns out our WAN router flipped out and keeled over. So, we rebooted it, as this generally fixes thing. It didn't, as pretty soon the router was flat on its back again, and I get a page informing me that the WEP servers have been infected with the Code Red virus, and they're working on shutting them down. Talk about fun.

Then my pager just starts going off like crazy, including one from my boss asking me to join this conference call on this issue. I'm in the car, heading to the other site, so I reach for my cell phone.

It is, of course, dead. Why? Because when I went home early, that took away from the usual routing of charging-the-phone-while-at-work.

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