July 31st, 2001

primary butterflies

On 3:30 am paranoia

I had great plans for this morning: I was going to get up, get the dishes and laundry done, and possibly even get on the treadmill.

And then I woke up this morning in the wee hours of the night, freaking out because I was SURE there were people in my house stealing my electronics. My heart was racing, pounding so loud my temples were throbbing. And I couldn't go downstairs to check, either -- for what if by some strange cosmic twist of the universe, there really were people down there? There was no sense in bringing attention to myself, right?

And then I finally fell asleep and had a kooky dream about LJ people I've never met.

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primary butterflies

On wonderful people

One of my favorite Canadian transplants has ventured into the world of livejournal.

Yes, it is the chick-night founding, Okaton venturing, all around lovely person: zarobi!

So go be nice and say "Howdy". And mention the word "aboot". :)
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