July 30th, 2001

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I'm waiting for my life to back up, so I figured I'd take the time to update.

The weekend was pretty good, if relaxed.

Friday, it was off to movies with the gang to see Planet of the Apes. I liked it, overall, though I thought the ending was silly. Of course, I have not seen the original movie, nor have I read the book, and I hear if I had, it would have not been so silly.

But the acting was good, and I liked the effects.

I went home with the plan to return MN's steamcleaner of doom, but he never returned my call, so I'll get it to him when he gets back from down state. No worries there.

I then had plans to do some stuff around the house, but I was so tired, I was tucked in bed asleep by 10 pm or so.

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. I had many plans to clean the house, but nary a one got done. Ah well. I slept in until 10 am, a good 12 hours sleep, then got up, read some of The DownBelow Station by C.J. Cherryh, and watched the Cubs game for a while.

Mid-game, I had to make a grocery run. This was, as Murphy would have it, the time when lvglenn came on to play You Don't Know Jack. Alas. We shall have to trivia-lize another day.

Then it was back home to finish watching the game, and watch the cubs lose, so sad. But, after the game, I saw a commercial for The Princess Diaries; it was a movie I'd wanted to see, but with Original Sin and Rush Hour 2 coming out, I didn't know if I'd get to see it this weekend. So I paged zen_raven, who was out by the theater already, and we went to see it.

I cut it close -- by the time I got to the theater, the movie was totally sold out. I resorted to the method of buy-a-ticket-for-another-movie-and-sneak-into-the-sold-out-one to meet up with raven.

The movie was very disney, and cute. I liked it, and came out with that warm-feel-goodness. It was also a good time to see Hector Elizando in his softie-security role, too.

I'll have to elaborate on Sunday later, as I just answered the phone (something not to do at 5:30 pm), and got stuck fixing something at work.
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On 6 feet under

I just got finished watching yesterday's episode.

This show just keeps getting more bizarre, even more hilarious, and more mind twisting with every episode.

It also becomes more and more addictive. It's a good thing Raven watches the show, else I'd have to figure out how to tape it when I have to send my tivo back in, which is another story.
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On my weekend, part deux

Sunday, Mom and I went to church, and directly from there, headed off to Hebron, Indiana to visit my cousin, her husband, and their daughter. We also got to check out the new house. Of course, we had to actually get there, first, which was an adventure in itself.

Driving down 294 was a breeze, despite the construction, until we hit 80, and thus some insane Indiana-type construction delays. Instead of staying on the road for a bit like zen_raven and I did the last time we went down to Indiana, we veered off right at Halsted, found US 30, and took forever to get to I-65.

But, at least forever is shorter than an eternity, which is what it would have taken us to get through the construction traffic.

We get down to Hebron, find the new house -- their subdivision is marketed as the 'hidden secret of Hebron', and trust me, it really is -- and see the relatives. I adore Debbie and Chris, their house is wonderful, and they're a really happy couple. Lindsi was down for an early nap, but due to wake up any time, so we caught up with Debbie while Chris worked on the lawn outside.

Lindsi woke up almost on cue, right after Mom and I got something to drink and we got the tour of the house. She was awfully shy at first, until she saw the presents sitting on the table. She'd just turned two, and we couldn't make her birthday party, so this was a delayed birthday celebration.

The presents warmed her right up, and she actually opened the presents herself -- mostly, saying "Wow!" when she found the Barbie inside, and the clothes. Another "Wow!" came along with my mom's donation of several mini teddy bear beanie babies.

It's so amazing how much kids change in 6 months. When we saw her at Christmas, she had short brown hair, and was a crabby baby. Now, she has beautiful shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and is a super show off -- she loves to be the center of attention and made sure we knew it. In a cute-two-year-old kind of way.

We stayed for a couple hours, and almost stayed for dinner, but I had forgotten I was going to call K and go out with her to grab dinner and see a movie -- a chick bonding sort of thing.

So we headed home, taking back routes given to us by Chris, which got us back much faster than we'd gotten there, even if there were unexpected detours. However, 3 hours in the car round trip did not make my back happy, and when I got home, I called K and bailed, asking for a raincheck.

One muscle relaxant later, and half of a cubs game, I dozed off on the couch. Now, this is something I never do: normally I need absolute quiet and darkness -- so much so, I use earplugs. I must have been exhausted, because I woke up, slightly disoriented, looked at the cubs game, and only then did I come to the realization I had fallen asleep -- the Cards scored a run that I didn't remember about.

Taking that as a hint, I went upstairs and slept. Sleep is so lovely sometimes.
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On unexpected visits

WIGGE is coming to town Wednesday!

No, his name isn't WIGGE, but if you say "Wicked" with a mouthful of oreos, it comes out very much like WIGGE!

Okay, his name isn't Wicked, either, but that's what we all call him.

Anyway, he's coming in for GeekCon which is in Milwaukee, and if you're going to Milwaukee from anywhere except northern Wisconsin, you come through Chicago. So, instead of him coming into town mid afternoon and trying to catch the L from O'Hare to Union Station then making a train from Union Station to Milwaukee, I figured I'd drive him up there. Thus, I get to spend time with him, with my choice of music.

We're also going to try and check out The SafeHouse for dinner while we're up there, which looks ultra-cool. I'll have to bring my camera. And, if anyone knows the password, and cares to tell me, that'd be the coolest.
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On TiVo horrors

[my last post of the night, I promise]

So I found out for sure on Friday that the modem in my TiVo is dead, and I am very sad.

It all started with my thought of recording an encore showing of the MTv Movie awards; I've had the song Lady Marmalade in my head, and can't quite figure out who is singing what part of the harmony, and I need to see that live. I've seen the video, and that helps somewhat, but I digress.

To my horror, when I pulled up the "Programs to record" in the tivo, a warning popped up informing me that I had only 6 days left of guide data, and would I be so kind as to make a daily call?

And I remembered we had thunderstorms on Saturday night. The last call the TiVo made successfully was Saturday morning. This is Not Good.

In any case, after multiple reboots of the machine, a couple of calls into TiVo, it was verified that, yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a bad modem on your TiVo. And it will cost $140 plus s/h to fix.

And the scary thing? I'm going to pay it, no question. It's been a big realization how much I'm dependant on this little device. Or, rather, how much I use it without realizing it. It's so wonderfully handy -- I never need to switch tapes, or know what time a show is on, or wait until the tape is done to start watching a show.

Of course, that's the downside to sending the unit in for repair -- I don't know when I need to set my VCR up to tape the shows I want to watch while it's gone for a week and a half, because I have no idea when my shows are on, other than the day they show up on my TiVo.

The data runs out tomorrow, however I have 8 episodes of FarScape I need to watch before then, as I don't know if I'll get the same hard drive back. I could tape them off as well, but that'll take just as long to tape as it would to watch.

... at least zen_raven watches most of the shows I watch, and thus I can watch them on her TiVo. :)
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