July 13th, 2001

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on movies

... while I'm waiting for my computer to reboot yet again:

This week has been chock full of movies, which is good for entertainment and bad for the pocketbook. Last Friday we caught the sneak preview of Legally Blonde, and then went down the hall to see Kiss of the Dragon. Wednesday, Final Fantasy came out, and tonight we're going to see The Score.

I highly recommend Legally Blonde -- it was terribly funny, and I think Reese Witherspoon is an amazing actress; she brings intelligence to every role she's in, and this role is no exception. We'll have to overlook her questionable taste in husbands, though -- I hear Ryan Phillipe is now sporting a mohawk. Eek.

Kiss of the Dragon was merely okay. I am amazed by Jet Li's martial arts skills, and the action scenes cannot be beat; however, after you take out the4 action scenes, there's still 60% of the movie left that left me rather dissapointed. Jet Li is no Jackie Chan; I sensed a distinct lack of personality, and the plot was rather banal. This would be a good matinee movie -- probably not worth the full evening price, now that it costs as much as half a tank of gas.

Final Fantasy on the other hand, is definitely worth the cost of full price admission. I didn't go into this movie with a lot of expectations; I generally find animation that tries to emulate "real humans" a little distracting and it feels somehow wrong. This was not the case with Final fantasy; my hesitance was washed away with the amazing first few scenes that indluced some of the most realistic landscaping I've ever seen. And the voice acting was pretty good -- Ming Na Wen, Ving Rhames, Steve Buschemi and Peri Gilpin all were wonderful. Alec Baldwin was in there as well, but once I recognized the voice, I had a hard time reconciling the way his character looked and his voice -- they seemed a bit too in conflict with one another. I would have rather either had a different actor voice him, or have the character look a bit more like Alec Baldwin.

The plot was interesting as well, though there have been others who said the plot was see through and everything except the animation was terrible. I disagree whole heartedly.

But you should see for yourself.

As for The Score, I have mixed feelings. The trailers just didn't look that interesting, but Roger Ebert, among others, have given the film rave reviews. And, I suppose, how many more chances are we going to get to see Brando and DeNiro work together? I'll let you know how it goes.
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Bissell Steam Cleaner: 6, me: 0

[... I so do not feel like working. I could go home, as my boss is already gone, but instead I will subject you to my ramblings]

So as you all know, I was a little cleaning dervish the other day. Well, I was doing this massive amount of cleaning in order to steam clean my carpets and stairs. I'd gone ahead and borrowed a lovely Bissell pro-heat steam cleaner from a friend of mine, and bought the solution for the machine.

And then it proceeded to sit in my foyer for a week and a half. I had a good reason for this -- I was ill, and then when I got better, I had to go vacuum everything in preparation. I even vacuumed the stairs.

Finally, when MN mentioned that he'd like his deep cleaner back sometime this century, I made it a point to actually work on the carpets. I intuited how to fill the solution up, and happily went along my merry way after I overcame the initial obsticle of finding the 'on' switch.

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on things that should exist but do not

Why has no one come up with an ice cream delivery service? Or a chocolate delivery service? I know a lot more people that have cravings for ice cream and chocolate than they do for pizza.

And isn't it true, that the times you want ice cream and pizza, you're in your most comfortable clothes, which are by definition clothes you do not want to inflict onto the unwary public? Seems to me, that's the time y ou really would want delivery.

But this wonderful idea does not exist.

Neither does caffinated orange juice. I suppose I shall have to continue to give my money to the caribous until such a fine product comes to your neighborhood grocery store.
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On being a regular

[I'm making up for my lack of postings the last few days, deal with it.]

I adore being a "regular". There's something so wonderful about pulling into the parking lot, walking in the door, getting a personal greeting, along with the question, "The usual?".

Well, in the cae of my mocha habit, the lovely people behind the counter ask wisely, "Will it be a regular or a large today?" Not, "What can I get you?" or "Can I help you?" There is no need to tell these baristas that I would like a skim raspberry mocha, without a bean, but with whipped cream.

It's also unexpectedly pleasing that once in a blue moon, they will see my car pulling up, and start making my drink right then, so all I need do is give them my money, tell them to have a nice day, and hear them say, as they always do, "See you tomorrow!" Or, on a lovely Friday, "Have a good weekend!". And they mean that.

When I was back in Champaign, this same thing would occur at a local diner. Every Tuesday, CK and I would leave work about 10am, and get breakfast, as neither of us ate before we went to work. I would always have two eggs, hashbrowns, and dry wheat toast. I don't remember what he would get, but it was always the same as well.

The short-order cook, who was also the shift manager, whas the epitomy of cool. I loved watching him work, how he'd put my sunny-side up eggs on the back of the burner while working on 4 orther orders. He had a pillsbury dough boy key ring that stuck out of the back pocket of his well-worn jeans. CK and I would strike up conversations with him, asking about the intracacies of making an omlet (he said the best way was to get a job at a hotel making omlets for four ours a day in little pans), and other things in a short order cook's life. CK had a secret desire to be a short order cook, and I think our cook would probably have let him do it for a bit, if it weren't for insurance reasons.

Occasionally, dough-boy would be replaced by another cook of hispanic descent, who worked as if he were on a high dose of amphetamines; he was a sight to behold at the wheel of the griddle. Flipping and turning and moving all in quick jerky motions, but my hashbrowns always came out perfect.

Dough-boy used to like to try and surprise the new waitresses when we came in as usual, by starting our order as soon as he saw the car pull up. By the time we parked the car, and walked into the diner -- I can't quite call it a restaurant -- and the waitress took our orders, the food would be ready. She'd hand the ticket to the dough-boy cook, and he'd smile and say 'Your order's up!". The look of surprise on her face was priceless.

Yes, it's a wonderful feeling to be asked, "The usual?"
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