July 6th, 2001

primary butterflies

on good days

I woke up feeling healthy again. What a fabulous feeling. I even logged in and got work done, since I forgot to set my OoO message and voicemail saying I'd be gone.

I am getting some much needed cleaning done, and now only have the Wimbledon tennis on as background noise. The past few days, I was watching it, because that's all that I had the energy to do.

It's weird, though -- I was only sick/under the weather for the period of what would be a weekend. Does my body crave sleep and doing nothing on the weekends because I'm stressed at work? It'd explain why I haven't been getting anything done on the weekends lately...

And, I am now eating red beans and rice. And there will be movie viewing tonight

It is a good day. Hope yours is going as well.
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primary butterflies

I have found the secret to cleaning!

Do you want to know what the secret to cleaning is? For I have found it, and I, the kind soul that I am, shall tell you. It is this:

Make a list, and do not sit down. Sitting down is your enemy.

I have also found that Resolve is an amazing, wonderful godsend, and I may not have to buy new carpets after all.

And cleaning the stairs is one of those things that has a very high activation energy, but feels so good when it's done.

Whew, but vacuuming makes me sweaty. Ew.
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