July 1st, 2001

primary butterflies

naps, movies and other fine things

Today has been a lazy, lazy day; perhaps more lazy than it should have been.

I decided to take a nap a wee bit after 5, as I'd gotten up early to go to church, in addition to getting home late from chick night. I woke up about 8 PM -- oof. I have got to learn to turn an alarm on if I'm going to nap; I think these longer naps are just messing with my sleep schedule entirely. On the other hand, if I'm tired, I probably need sleep, right?

Chick night was fun; Kat came over, and she and zen_raven and I went out to dinner at Big Bowl, one of my favorite -- and one of Rav's least favorite -- places to eat. Or rather, it was one of Raven's least favorite places to eat. As we were perusing the menu, she spotted Her Cute Waiter that used to work at stir crazy and who knew her name and would say hi. So now she's got to find food she likes there, and I get to go there more often. Hee.

Dinner was good, and the conversation was lovely; though it was a wee bit odd talking about the ex, R, in front of Kat, who has hung out with them since college. But not too odd, as we had a lot of ex boyfriend discussions. That's why chick night is so lovely -- female bonding at its best.

After finally nudging the waitress to give us our check so we could get to the movies, we get to the theater at 9:15 to see the 9:30 showing. Which is sold out, but they conveniently have a 9:45 showing, which is better, as we got much better seats.

We saw A.I., which I thought was really quite good.
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