June 26th, 2001

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What a morning.

I had grand plans to leave my house at 7 and get into work by 8. Instead, my friend Murphy's Law visited.

Here's a short run down on the order of events:
6:50 am - I'm dressed, ready, but haven't planned my day, or synced my pilot. I have time to sync my pilot and spend 10 minutes to play my day; getting out the door 5 minutes later won't hurt.

6:55 am - damn hotsync, you're not in use by another application. Reboot the downstairs computer, pet the cat, go upstairs to make sure the laptop isn't running hotsync.

7:00 am - Downstairs computer is sitting at 'Can't tell about these goofy blocks on drive D'. I tell the computer I don't care, just boot up.

7:05 am - Finally hotsync the computer, start planning my day.

7:07 am - Oh, hm, I have a meeting at 9 am in a building on the way to my office. Well, I can just hotsync, get to work at 8, and then leave for my meeting at 8:30, no problem.

7:20 am - Try to hotsync with the laptop, which has my outlook.

7:25 am - Dammit, I didn't have Outlook running upstairs. Of course, it's hosed hotsync. Quit hotsync, try to restart. Crap, it won't restart.

7:30 am - Log out of laptop.

7:33 am - Log into laptop, map drive from downstairs, start up hotsync. Start up Outlook. Run downstairs.

7:38 am - Start computer hotsyncing. Pet insistent cat.

7:40 am - JOY! Pilot is hot synced. Run upstairs, shut down laptop, pack into bag.

7:45 am - Grab pilot from downstaris, and zip disk. Pet kitty.

7:50 am - Get in the car and head to Caribou Coffee, having given up on actually getting to the office before the meeting.

8:03 am - Order a very large skim raspberry mocha. Ahhhhh.
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