June 24th, 2001

primary butterflies

boring personal reminders...

Today I need to:
- buy another litter box and water dish
- do laundry, including the kitchen towels, and the sheets on my bed
- vacuum the entire house, upstairs and downstairs
- clean off the dining room table
- clean off the pass-through
- swiffer the wood floors
- mop the wood floors
- borrow M's carpet cleaner and attack the family room and living room
- clean the kitchen
- vacuum couches and bar chairs to remove kitty hair
- mop foyer floor
- vacuum the darn stairs
- clean off the coffee table
- dust in LR
- clean off desk in basement
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primary butterflies

boring update #1

Okay, I've gotten the kitty stuff, the steam cleaner, and the steam cleaner solution.

I can see the dining room table again as well as the surfaces of the pass thru and the coffee table.

I've started on the floors as well, and gotten the kitchen towels in the laundry. The dishes are in the dishwasher and one pan is soaking.

I think I'll finish watching the last two innings of the cubs game, throw the pan in the dishwasher and take a nap.

... and what I wouldn't do for a foot massage.
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primary butterflies

boring update #2

I'm only doing about 50% on my cleaning fest for today.

I took a nap, cleaned the floors, attacked the toilets with a toilet brush, played some Settlers of Catan online and hung out with el gato. I'm going to go up and vacuum (and hope my neighbors don't kill me for doing this at 10:30, but I'll vacuum downstairs, not up in the bedroom area), and then get some sleep.

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primary butterflies

boring update #3

Hm, too late to vacuum; means I'm going to have to skip going out with friends Tuesday to get everything clean.

Laundry's halfway done.

I need to buy floor cleaner, and dishwasher soap.

I think I'm going to go upstairs and read, and try and sleep before 11:30.
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