June 6th, 2001

primary butterflies

I should be asleep.

It's nice to have a day when you're so busy and productive, you don't have time to be bored.

Doing 10 computer room punch downs on 110 blocks ruins any possibility of long fingernails. ow.

I am becoming a conference call queen.

I've got a new project at work, working with Rico (which is good).

It's good to have friends who you can say 'Loan me a dollar!' and they say 'Okay', and don't argue because they know you'll pay them back and would have done the same for them.

It's cool to take 4th place in a Magic draft tournament, especially when you come from behind to do so.

I now own a Spiritmonger, which I will probably never use. I won it for getting 4th place. Ironically, that was the card everyone was talking about.

I've been up for 19 hours now.

The new Poe CD is awesome.

Life is pretty good.
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primary butterflies

gender inequalities

A thought just occurred to me, brought to the surface by a lot of things anne has been posting, which have been cool thought provoking things on the topic of gender equality.

Here's my gender equality question: Why is it that if you're a guy, you can get away with wearing black sneakers with any of your outfits and have it be considered 'matching'. I mean, you can wear them with suits, for gol-durn's sake!

Okay, the only exception is with khaki shorts and knee high crews, but if you're a guy and wearing that, you've got bigger problems.
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