June 4th, 2001

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My pilot won't sync.

I've reinstalled the software 5 times now.

I've rebooted my computer 10 times.

I live by my pilot.

I've gotten no real work done.

The network keeps blowing up around here.

It's difficult to troubleshoot a network when you are rebooting your computer.

Isn't the world of technology great?
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I have no idea, but after messing with it for the entire day (installing, reinstalling reboooting ETC)

The darn thing finally FINALLY hotsynced.

I hate you, computer. I do.
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The bad thing about antibiotics...

is that they're overused, and used incorrectly so often that many diseases are becoming resistant to them. I mean, we have antibiotics in hand soap! And people don't realize how little it actually helps, compared to the detriment it causes by weeding out the weak strains of bacteria, and encouraging the resistant once to live.

This article states it better than I can (though the article gets a bit into the scientific, but that's to be expected, considering the source):

"One of the foundations of the modern medical system is being similarly overcome. Health care workers are increasingly finding that nearly every weapon in their arsenal of more than 150 antibiotics is becoming useless. Bacteria that have survived attack by antibiotics have learned from the enemy and have grown stronger; some that have not had skirmishes themselves have learned from others that have. The result is a rising number of antibiotic-resistant strains. Infections - including tuberculosis, meningitis and pneumonia - that would once have been easily treated with an antibiotic are no longer so readily thwarted. More and more bacterial infections are proving deadly.

Bacteria are wily warriors, but even so, we have given them - and continue to give them - exactly what they need for their stunning success. By misusing and overusing antibiotics, we have encouraged super-races of bacteria to evolve. We don't finish a course of antibiotics. Or we use them for viral and other inappropriate infections - in fact, researchers estimate that one third to one half of all antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. We put 70 percent of the antibiotics we produce in the U.S. each year into our livestock. We add antibiotics to our dish washing liquid and our hand soap. In all these ways, we encourage the weak to die and the strong to become stronger see "The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance," by Stuart B. Levy; Scientific American, March 1998].

It's all kind of scary. And next time you go to the grocery store, try and find some non-anti bacterial soap; it's distressing how impossible that is to do.
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random quick updates

I liked Moulin Rouge. While some parts gave me a headache, because there was so much going on at once, I adored the singing. Ewan McGregor has a wonderful voice, and I was surprised at Nicole Kidman's range, though I do wonder how much work the voice coach had to do.

I was also surprised at the chemistry between McGregor and Kidman -- there was much more there than I expected. To save myself time, because I need to sleep, I'll mention that the salon review is the closest to my thoughts on the movie.

Speaking of sleep, I need to get up way too early tomorrow, to haul my patootie on the treadmill. I do this for two reasons: 1) I have a 9 am conference call, which means I have to be in by 8:30, instead of leaving my house at that time as per usual, and 2.) I can't get on the treadmill after work due to the magic tournament draft tomorrow night.
That's always amusing, and lasts most of the night; good thing we only do that when a new set comes out.

zen_raven (the Other Heather) took possession of her house yesterday! I went over to help her measure it, and we ran into the most hick people at dinner. But she tells the story much better than I.

Swordfish comes out this weekend. mmm. Hugh Jackman.

You know what's weird? I had the most frustrating day at work today (network blowing up, computer taunting me, working short handed, etc), and I was utterly grumpy. Then I went to my GRE prep course, and did some math problems and some tests, and I walked out to my car with a bounce in my step.

Yep, I'm certifiable.
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