May 27th, 2001

primary butterflies

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My mom rules; she gave me krispy kremes.

On another note, I just got asked to sing in a wedding next month[1]. Talk about flattering. The interesting angle is that the part I'm going to sing is an alto part, and thus a harmony. I didn't think I had the range to sing it, but it looks like my range has shifted downwards since I was in the children's choir[2]. So, with some practice, it should be fine. I just need to get used to harmonizing instead of singing the melody or the descant.

[1] My mom was indirectly responsible for this too. She likes to tell people about 'my lovely voice'. I guess I should be more proud of it and not be embarrassed when she tells people, since she's obviously proud of me. I just feel a bit sheepish when she says things like that, because I haven't been in a choir for 10 years.
[1] Did you know girls voices change during puberty as well? Their voices generally lower in pitch, without the embarrassing squeakiness that boys have.