May 17th, 2001

primary butterflies

I love the scent of lilacs

I can't believe the morning's gone by so fast already. I got off to a late start on the work commute because I was doing things around the house, and before I knew it, it was 8:45. So I ended up leaving the house around 5 to 9, which is about 25 min later than I usually do. Though the traffic was much better.

I wasted about an hour an a half tracking down the new fall TV lineup and compiling it into a day by day thing. UPN picked up Roswell and Buffy it looks like, and they moved both Angel and Dark angel to other days, but then the WB went ahead and put Gilmore Girls against Buffy, and I rather like Gilmore Girls.


Maybe if I have time, I'll put up the tv schedule :)
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primary butterflies

Fall TV schedule

Okay, so here's the result of my wasted time; I was lazy and did this through excel, and thus it will probably only work right with explorer, but I wasn't really putting a whole lot of effort into it so if someone wants to make it prettier be my guest :)

Fall 2001 TV schedule (All times are EST)