April 25th, 2001

primary butterflies


Mmmkay, so I'm in this meeting with the managers of the other groups, trying to coordinate these quad fast ethernet things and the fact that they keep sticking tickets in our bucket when the shouldn't be.

So I'm gettting to the point where we're agreeing on some things and ARGH my coworker comes in, all bitter and basically undermines any bit of authority I have by bitching at me and trying, basically, to either pick a fight with me or make me look bad.

Damn, my work place is toxic, and it annoys me.
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primary butterflies


You know why I don't mind going to Taco Bell when it's suggested for lunch?

They have Pepsi One. Yummmm
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primary butterflies


 ELMO! .@@.
      / () \
    _ \'--'/ _
   { '-`""`-' }
    `"{    }"`
     _/ /\ \_
   {`  /  \  `}
    `"`    `"`

Just thought I'd share :)
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