April 9th, 2001

primary butterflies


You know the feeling that plastic has replaced the roof of your mouth when you've burnt that?

I hate that feeling.
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primary butterflies

Misc ramblings part II: women

So I held chicknight II: the revenge of cookie dough this weekend, and it was a lot of fun.

We made caramel filled chocolate cookies with walnuts on top, died easter eggs out on the deck to enjoy the beautiful day, played apples to apples and twitch, then got pizza and watch persuasion.

Valuable lessons learned:
1.) If you have the urge to try dying eggs using the swirly dye, don't. Just DON'T. They turn into toxic oil slicks that are still tacky to the touch 5 hours later.

2.) If the box says 'use vinegar' you really DO need to use vinegar.

3.) I have the 'getting free pizza karma'.

4.) If you have seen one Jane Austen movie, you have seen them all.

5.) Women need testosterone-free gatherings every so often

Now if anyone has good ideas of what to do with a dozen hard boiled (and possibly brightly colored) eggs, I'd love to hear it.
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primary butterflies

chick flicks

So, our next chick night is going to be a chick flick movie night.

My pleas to any of you reading this:
What's your suggestion for a good chick night movie?

I'm thinking 'league of their own', or you know, anything with Heath Ledger or Hugh Jackman in it. :)
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