March 25th, 2001

primary butterflies

breaking up is hard to do

You know how matter nice and sweet and non harrowing the break up is, if you're not the one breaking it off, it really messes with your self esteem.

I realize that it wasn't me, that it just didn't work out, that we're still going to be good, even great friends, but it still makes you go on and on and on in your head with 'did I do something wrong' ? Was I expecting too much too soon? Am I doomed to be single forever?

I dunno, there's a dearth of single guys my age around here that are dating material.

I guess this leaves me lots of time to focus on me. It'll help if I can be productive and get things done around my house and focus on that. Maybe I'll get my valences put up, with my mom's help, and buy some nice ivy to hang in the living room or such.
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