March 1st, 2001

primary butterflies

Time flies

Why is it that when you have a lot of thoughts you need to write down, the harder it is to do?

Maybe it's because I know it's going to take a big chunk of time to put everything down. Maybe it's because I don't seem to have any time at all.

Pete's (Eric's roommate) is in town until Sunday, which is cool, but it also means I'm going to be busy this week as well.

I need to do taxes, and I need to clean, and I need to upgrade my computer and I need to find out why my NAT box is not happy and and and.

Photography class tonight; maybe I'll try and write more about the past week as I get a minute here and there.

It'd be nicer if the windows client worked with proxy authentication, alas.
primary butterflies


The background: is it too much to ask for that when the boy goes to the 'annual party' at his boss's house that I should at least be asked if I want to go, especially since I work for the same company? (totally separate buildings, though)

Or, if it's a 'team only' thing, should I at least be told that?

Question: Am I insane?
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