February 22nd, 2001

primary butterflies

Rambling Ponderings.

Why is it that when I'm just friends with someone, I don't have this need to be with them or talk to them or touch base with them constantly, but as soon as that friend becomes a boyfriend, everything changes?

I know, part of it is the whole natural progression of things. I know, part of it is because everything is new again. I know, part of it is the fact that his parents are coming in and I'm a bit nervous and freaky about it all.

But I don't think that's everything. Is it part of my less-than-stellar esteem talking? Probably. But I'm really not afraid that he's going to up and find someone new; he's just not that type.

He's forgetful because he doesn't know better. I can't expect him to be perfect. Okay, I can expect it, but it's not a rational expectation.

Maybe I'm just insane...
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