February 18th, 2001

primary butterflies

rush rush weekend

I can finally answer the question 'Is it Sunday yet?" with a resounding yes! :) Meanwhile I've been keeping myself busy busy.

Friday night I went and met some of Heather's friends. We were going to go to RAM brewery, but it was crazy crowded, as I was warned about by my friend Paula. No way were 8 of us going to get a table before they closed, so we went to Stir crazy, which is also quite nummy. I had two of these lovely passion fruit cocktail things, mmm. Her friends were a lot of fun, too, and we pretty much closed out the restaurant.

I also got volunteered to take Chris to the airport since his flight leaves at 7:44, and Eric's gets in at 9:19 -- I had said I was leaving at 8, etc etc, and I didn't realize until too late that this means I'm going to be wandering the airport for an hour and a half or so.

And when I got home I had a cute message from Eric, and got to talk to him for a long time because neither of us could figure out how to hang up the phone. That's a chronic problem for me, chatterbox girl.

Yesterday I got up a little late, watched some TV (yay tivo), and then headed into the city to get my hair done so I can look all good for the parents. So now my hair is brightened to a nice dark red/brown color, and I have an excellent hair cut. Odd, though, I realized maybe I liked the color my hair had faded out to be (since I use a semi-permanent color because pet peeve #35 is dyed-hair-roots) -- a darker brown with definite red or blonde highlights.

When I was wandering the mall to buy $5 worth of stuff to get my (otherwise quite expensive) parking ticket validated, I realized I should have brought my camera in and taken pictures at the mall for my photography assignment. There are a lot of interesting characters there -- I think I'll bring my camera to the airport, since I need to spend about an hour and a half waiting there.

Anyway, it was then off to Kat's with Josh to watch movies with a bunch of people -- only four of them who I knew, but hey, it's always interesting meeting new people. One guy was from Australia, so I got confirmation that people over there do not like peanut butter! They also think the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is gross and disgusting, can you imagine that?! Of course, they do eat vegemite, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

I should wrap this post up because I need to get to church with Mom, and then we're going to brunch, and then I'm doing some Mad Housecleaning because my house desperately needs it; I've been putting it off to do other social things.

Then it's off to Benihana, and then to the airport! woot!
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primary butterflies


I lied. I am going to nap instead of house cleaning.

bad bad me.
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